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Important Information

2020.01.05 - PRA-PRCD DNA tests have not been validated for barbet, the information about carriers provided in the database about the result has no grounds so far. It should not be taken into account at this moment.

2020.01.05 - all dogs older than 13 years old (born in 2006 or before) are marked as "deceased" by default

2020.01.05 - all studs/dams older than 9 years old (born in 2010 or before) are marked as "retired" by default

#user tips

- if you can't edit the dog's profile, but you have additional information, leave a comment in the comments field of said dog - it will be reviewed by webmasters


2020.01.05 - (experimental) litter announcement can be added in the same way as the dog, select the parents, make sure to select "planned litter" from the living/deceased field.

2020.01.05 - contact field has been added for each dog, designed to put the contact detail to the owners of studs.
Barbet Preservation Group - Pedigree Database
This database is available only for members of Barbet Preservation Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/437299646448131/

Registration is available under this link - http://database.frenchwaterdog.org/po ... ules/profile/register.php

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